About Us

WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. A worldwide network of 161 retail outlets in 94 overseas cities and 274 outlets throughout Japan. Since our establishment in 1980, we have introduced many changes in the travel market defying existing frameworks and boundaries offering the freedom of travel to our customers. And now, the environment surrounding the travel market is rapidly changing. H.I.S. believes that it is an opportunity for a new challenge. In today’s society where the border between the travel industry and the information industry is not clearly defined, we will transform into a new H.I.S. full of Young Blood whilst maintaining venture spirit of our establishment. We will continue to develop new business models to create more accessible and more independent world travels and establish the world brand “H.I.S.”

H.I.S Travel India Pvt Ltd established in 2005 primarily with a vision to serve the Japanese Tourists Visiting India. With the overwhelming success in the Indian market & with a vision to give the Indian overseas visitors the feel of Japanese service in India the Outbound division was launched in 06 th June, 2009. As a part of this plan H.I.S wants to shake hands (Collaborate) with the Corporate World with a target of establishing more than 100 offices in India within the next 3 years.

H.I.S has been the Pioneers in offering Tourism Products for Japan in the Indian market & also do have a very attractive & innovative product range for all destinations with the Uniform Service Standards Worldwide. Apart from packages specialized services is also provided for International and domestic ticketing along with Visa, Passport Assistance, Hotel, Car & Train bookings worldwide. Travel Insurance is also provided.

H.I.S and its associate branches have immense experience in handling large conference groups to numerous destinations.

H.I.S also enjoys the strongest backing from relevant tourism boards as a Quality Conference Organizer-and this enables us to add value in ways very few of our competitors can.

Our group turnover is nearly 883 million U.S dollars.

We H.I.S. Travel (India) Pvt. Ltd. have been awarded by Ministry of tourism India as a “Best tour Operator”- Asia in 2008, 2010 and 2011. We have a Strong setup for the Corporate Handling; we deal more than 20,000 Japanese corporates from our Head Office Japan.